A broad spectrum antibatcterial wipe

Remove the toughest and most dangerous bacteria with no cross contamination.

Biokill Disinfectant Wipes are broad spectrum disinfectant wipes which remove dangerous sources of contamination and infection from any hard surface. Biokill Disinfectant Wipes are non-scratch abrasive and low odour, making them suitable for all areas, particularly toilets and kitchens.The disposable nature of Biokill Disinfectant Wipes removes the risk of cross contamination.


How does Biokill work?
The non-scratch polypropylene cloths are impregnated with disinfectant that kills a broad spectrum of dangerous bacteria. The Biokill cloths have a gentle scrubbing action which removes even dried on dirt without harming surfaces. The disposable cloths are provided in an easy to use dispenser for convenience. Biokill Disinfectant Wipes meet BSI standards for food preparation, domestic and institutional use.