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Citrus Force Wipes

A fast and effective method to degrease. No sprayers, cloths or mops required!

Citrus Force Wipes are textured, abrasive, non-scratching, highly absorbent wipes, which incorporate a powerful, but safe citrus based liquid. The moist wipes absorb, emulsify and retain oil and grease, leaving a cleaned surface. The wipes are highly effective and do not create drips or fluid run off.


Area of Use
Citrus Force wipes remove oils, greases, grime, inks, marker pen, carbon and adhesive residues from equipment, metal surfaces, tools, stainless steel, aluminium, formica, enamel and many other hard surfaces.

Citrus Force wipes can also be used in kitchen/food preparation areas after the work shift has finished, to remove grease, oil and food residues. However, if they are used during food preparation or serving, the cleaned surface must be immediately rinsed with water and dried to remove any residual citrus aroma and cleaning agent.

Key features of Citrus Force Wipes
Saves time.
Improves productivity.
Enables controlled, mess free cleaning.
Safer than using harsh solvents.
Works quickly – saves effort.
Absorbs and retains contaminants.
Surfaces can be rinsed with water.
Easy to store and carry.



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