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Diamond Wipes

A unique glass cleaning formulation designed to leave glass sparkling.

Diamond Wipes are an easy to use wipe developed to quickly remove dirt and smudges on glass and shiny surfaces without leaving any streaks and smears.



How do Diamond Wipes work?
Diamond Wipes contain a mild alkaline/solvent solution which has been formulated to break down dirt on shiny surfaces including glass, metal and stone.
1. Firstly the chemical within the wipes breaks down dirt very quickly by wiping the surface.
2. Next the dirt is absorbed into the wipe leaving the surface super clean.
3. Finally any remaining cleaner quickly evaporates to quickly leave the surface free of smears, streaks and smudges.

Key features and benefits of Diamond Wipes
Saves time by not having to go back over surfaces to re-clean smears.
Highly effective, saves time and increases productivity.
It’s easy to use and comes in a handy bucket that eliminates the need to carry around numerous cloths and sprays.


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