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Fix It Plastic and Rubber

A fast, effective acrylic repair system that works on most plastics and rubbers.

Fix It Plastic and Rubber is an amazing new bonding system for use with plastics and rubbers. The plastic and rubber repair system is a acrylic formulation designed to create a key to plastic surfaces on application


What is Fix It – Plastic and Rubber?


The advanced acrylic resin and hardener when mixed in equal volumes react to produce a tough, rigid, high strength bond on PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, FRP, Nylon, Mylar, Delrin and phenolic resins. Fix It – Plastic and Rubber will also provide good adhesion to metal, ceramics, glass, wood, leather and most other substrates. The thick formulation will fill gaps and can be used to fill holes and cracks. Once cured Plastic and Rubber will remain slightly flexible giving high impact resistance as well as withstanding vibration.Fix It Plastic and Rubber is easy to mix and requires minimal surface preparation Once cured it is resistant to water, most common solvents and general oils and lubricants. Fix It – Plastic and Rubber has been formulated to make adhesion and patch repairs to the recommended plastics as easy as possible.
Key Features and Benefits of Fix It – Plastic and Rubber?
Minimal surface preparation.
Fast acting.
Simple to mix and use.
Keys into plastic surfaces.
Withstands vibration.
Gap filling properties means that
Fix It -Pastic and Rubber can be used to repair holes and cracks.
Excellent adhesive strength.
Withstands solvents and oils.
Mixing ratios guaranteed with the cartridge packaging.
Easy seal system for storage – No more blocked tubes







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