Red Rag Buddies

A major advance in hand cleaning technology.

No rinsing, no drying, no residue, no soap. And absolutely no water needed.  Red Rag Buddies are a unique waterless hand cleaning system, combining both a high quality liquid hand cleaner formula and a heavy duty, non-scratching but abrasive hand cleaning towel. In fact pumice performance without messy, gritty pumice!

Red Rag Buddies are easy to use and comes in a handy container that eliminates the need to carry around cleaners and different dry wiping cloths.


How do Red Rag Buddies work?
Firstly Red Rag Buddies dissolve surface and embedded oil, grease and grime.Then the contaminants are locked into the towel meaning that dirt is not spread about on the hands and the wipe can be used more than once. Finally the skin is conditioned with gentle emollients and leaving hands smelling clean.

What can Red Rag Buddies Remove?
Red Rag Buddies can be used anywhere, anyplace, anytime, on the toughest soils, heavy greases, tar, graphite, lubricants, adhesives, mastics, paint, resins, wax, even printer inks and many other stubborn soils. Red Rag Buddies can also be used to clean tools and equipment.

Key features and benefits of Red Rag Buddies
Saves time
Saves money
Improves productivity
Increase efficiency
Improves safety
Improves the working environment




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