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Repair Rite

Finding a filler that is strong, light, stainable, safe and adaptable enough to withstand repairs to all types of substrates in todays demanding environments.

Repair-Rite is a two pack solvent free filler in both a trowelable and gunnable package.  This creates a unique all purpose repair system able to cope with any job. Mix the two packs equally together either through a gun and nozzle or on a mixing board. This makes a non slump paste that is ready for application. We supply a number of stains for matching colour difference.


How does Repair Rite work?
Repair Rite is the ultimate all purpose repair and filling system and can be used on any damaged and rotten wood.  fibre glass (even boat hulls), ceramic sanitary ware, cracks in concrete and masonry, plug and screw holes in walls, damaged terrazzo, marble floors and ceramic tiles as well as being used as a glue/bonder for all of the above materials.

Key Features and Benefits of Repair Rite
Very light and easy to mix and will resist slump.
Cartridge version allows correct mix every time with no mess.
Stains can be mixed directly with product to colour match or applied after the repair has dried.
Will adhere to wide range of substrates.
Excellent strength (compressive strength 5000 psi).
Good temperature resistance 121 deg C continuous and 149 deg intermittent.
High bond strength (1000 psi cohesive strength on wood).
Good chemical resistance to dilute acids, hydrocarbons, ketones and alkalis.
Easy to sand, file or shape.




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