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Ultra tough floor repair and screeding product.

Repair large, uneven floor surfaces without the need for trowel finishing. Rockflow’s unique, rapid-curing, formulation can be used on a variety of building materials. Rockflow is easy to apply and will even self-level to save you time. The ultra-tough finish of Rockflow will withstand even heavy duty fork lift traffic.


How does Rockflow work?

Rockflow uses a unique mix of polymers and fillers that won’t shrink and which cures to an ultra-tough finish.

Key features and benefits of Rockflow?
Easy-to-use formulation – just add water.
Can be laid at depths of 2mm to 50mm.
Cures rapidly – area is usable after 2 hours.
Use on damaged and uneven floors – Rockflow will self-level.
Ultra tough and durable – can be used for high traffic areas.
Tools can be washed off with water.
Use on a range of materials such as sand, concrete, asphalt and cement.
Covers large or small areas.



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