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Samson Wipes

Samson Wipes are an extremely low-linting heavy duty professional cloth, ideal for all technical, mechanical and domestic wiping applications.

Samson Wipes are a peak performance wipe, made from a recyclable celulose woodpulp and a Homopolymer Polypropylene Fibre, giving the cloth a 400% absorption capability and unique strength. The honeycombe weave enables the cloths to easily pick up dust, dirt and grime from surfaces, textiles, equipment, machinery and tools. When wet, Samson Wipes retain their strength, keeping the cloth in one piece under the most challenging conditionsp


Samson Wipes’ dispenser box is lightweight and easy to transport around the workplace for easy use from trolley or workbench whilst controlling usage and protecting the cloths from external contamination. The interfold format found within the Samson Wipes box makes dispensing the cloths easy and snag free. Samson Wipes are resistant to chemicals and solvents and have been developed to be used with the strongest of cleaning agents found within the Red Rag range. Taking on the feel of a chamois leather when damp, the cloth is strong enough to scrub off adhesive and debris and will still easily absorbs spills.
When done, wash out and reuse again and again. Samson Wipes are perfect for rag replacement due to their superior strength and durability, the best of both worlds: a wipe that’s a cloth!

Key features and benefits of Samson Wipes
Use across a wide range of applications
Super strong, durable and tear-resistant
Absorbs liquids extremely fast and provides first rate absorption capacity
Gets jobs done quickly and efficiently
Rinse and re-use again and again
Use both wet and dry
Embossed to ensure effective dirt pick up
Solvent and chemical resistant
Low Linting
Uniform size
Consistent quality and performance guaranteed



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