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About IMG

The home of innovation within the specialist chemical industry.

Celebrating more than in the business.

IMG are industry leaders in the field of industrial maintenance products. We supply the highest quality products to businesses all over the UK and beyond.
Our focus is on the highest standards of product quality, innovation and customer service.

It's not just about the best products for the job, we have an incredible team who love what they do and take great care of their customers.

More about IMG

With high levels of experience and knowledge within the specialist chemical industry, the group was first started in 1982 by Roger Gundry with the specialist building company, Tero Tech. Within 9 years the company expanded it’s knowledge and personnel in both the engineering and cleaning industries, and the Industrial Maintenance Group (IMG) was formed.

Since the early days IMG recognised that the problems for the builder, maintenance person, engineer and cleaner were ever changing with the use of new materials and systems.

Constant product development and innovation

By constantly developing highly sophisticated products, IMG provides our customers the solutions they need in an increasingly demanding world. Our in-house product team reappraise our current range on a monthly basis, introducing new ideas in a healthy stream of new innovations. The upgrading of existing products or the introduction of a new ideas is where we feel we can serve our customers best.

A sales team focused on their customers

Over the years we have grown an experienced sales team who understand our customers , whether they are the small contractor or a national provider of service. We consider our relationship with the people we deal with the most important thing; every customer having a dedicated consultant to help. We are proud to say that new products and ideas are developed through the demands of our customers and their close relationship with our sales team.

As the group continues to expand, our goal is to help even more people in our industry find the answers to the problems they have.