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Diamond Black

A powerful acid based drain opener and descaler

A powerful sulphuric acid based drain opener that rapidly clears blockages of paper products and organic matter. Diamond Black is a powerful blockage eliminator for use on all organic blockages. Diamond Black eradicates all blockages resulting from organic matter including grease, hair, paper, sanitary items and cigarettes using a powerful acid based formulation. Diamond Black can prevent the need to call out expensive drain rodding / jetting services.


How does Diamond Black work?
Diamond Black is twice the weight of water which enables it to drop through the water and locate a blockage quickly. Diamond Black breaks down organic blockages very effectively clearing drains speedily.

Key Features and Benefits of Diamond Black.
Eliminates organic blockages quickly and effectively.
Can be used on blockages resulting from grease, hair, soaps, cigarettes, tea bags, coffee grounds, feminine hygiene products, paper and more.
Can provide a cost effective alternative to calling out expensive drain clearing services.
Diamond Black is highly effective at removing lime scale deposits from most drainage systems.


Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg