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Grease Buster

Extremely powerful liquid caustic drain opener

Grease Buster is a radical chemical blend of alkaline materials and wetting agents. This combination makes it one of the most powerful alkali blends available, and makes it the perfect product for clearing blockages of fat, oil and grease in drains, as well as destroying decomposing substances in grease traps.

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How does Grease Buster work?

Grease Buster is 100% soluble in water and can be used in soft or hard water areas. Grease Buster is denser than water and a unique chemical formulation holds the active chemicals together as they sink towards the source of a blockage. Used regularly Grease Buster can ensure free flowing drainage systems all year round.

Key Features and Benefits of Grease Buster.
Versatile as can be used in all types of drains and grease traps.
Reduces foul odours by killing bacteria, fungi, algae and destroying decomposing and rotting matter that are the cause of offensive smells.
Remains stable at high temperatures.
No harsh fumes.
Is harmless to the environment when critical dilution is reached in the waste system
Can be used as a drain maintainer and when used regularly will ensure free flowing systems in areas where grease oils and fats are a problem.


1 review for Grease Buster

  1. Anonymous

    This has been used sparingly due to its pungent odour but has already proved to be a very useful product in our kitchen area.

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