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Hand Protect

The perfect barrier cream for protecting and soothing hard-working hands

With the increased use of alcohol hand gels, skin can become dry and cracked – Hand Protect is here to help!
Hand Protect is a barrier cream that not only helps to soothe and moisturise dry and hard working hands, but also helps protect the hands against contaminants such as greases, oils, dust and grime.


How does Hand Protect work?
Hand Protect stops contaminants that may irritate the skin from making contact and acts as a barrier between the contaminant and the skin.

Key Features and Benefits of Hand Protect
Protection – protects against greases, oils, dust and grime.
Contains emollients to soothe and soften dry, cracked and flaky skin.
Non-greasy – no residue left on hands once applied.
Easy to carry bottle – perfect to move around wherever is needed.


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