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A fast, effective bonding system that works on almost any substrate, even underwater.

Insta-Bond is an amazing new bonding system which is hard-wearing, easy to use, and forms an extremely strong bond between wet or dry surfaces. It will even cure firmly when completely underwater, making it ideal for many plumbing and maritime applications. It is non-staining and works on glass, metals, plastics, concrete and practically any other surface and building material. It is highly resistant to movement and vibration, durable and is versatile both indoors and out.

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How does Insta-Bond Work?

Insta-Bond is based on hybrid technology and uses modified silicone, that when comes into contact with water or moisture, actually helps to speed up the curing process. The result is a bonding system that works on virtually any substrate, forming a strong, flexible bond that is resistant to movement and vibration.

Key Features and Benefits of Insta-Bond?
Resistant to slumping or sagging.
Bonds to wet or dry surfaces, even curing under water.
Fast curing and fast strengthening, high mechanical resistance and ultimate strength.
Adhesion to most surfaces including metals, plastics, glass, concrete.
Resistant to movement.
Non-corrosive to metals.
Free of isocyanate, solvents and silicone – no odour.
Paintable with water based and synthetic paints.
Good resistance to discolouration, UV, weather, water, moisture and ageing.
Versatile both indoors and out – glue, seal and install practically anything with a single product.
Stretches up to 300{8edb64b0af37bf974ea4c60700185b2d4708aad55912819710bced3d33c236e8} at breaking point.
2-3mm of Insta-Bond will fully cure in 24 hours.
Skins over in just 10 minutes.


Full MSDS – Black & White

Full MSDS – Clear

2 reviews for Insta-Bond

  1. David West

    Its brilliant!! I find its multi purpose and works in wet conditions great strength I also use it for pinhole bursts for temporary hold and works really well definatly recommend to all maintenance teams

  2. Dave Eke

    Brilliant product. Used to seal atrium glass which had leaked for years and had very expensive quotes to fix. Sealed in the summer using a cherry picker and had no leaks since.

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