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A fast setting epoxy putty for rapid repairs to concrete, masonry and many more substrates.

Each handy stick of Permacrete contains pre-measured portions of activator and base throughout. When kneaded to a uniform colour, Permacrete becomes a mouldable repair product which gives strength and durability to a variety of applications. Once applied, Permacrete will set hard in an hour curing to a concrete-like texture and colour. It can then be drilled, sawed, filed, tapped and overpainted.


Permacrete is suitable for interior and exterior use and is resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes. Permacrete will repair chipped concrete floors, curbing and steps; repair and rebuild decorative concrete trim; repair tiles, statues, garden ornaments and headstones. Will anchor bolts, screws, nails and railings; will seal basement leaks and tie rod holes.

Permacrete contains no solvents or VOCs. It is non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It will not shrink or pull away.
n.b. The unused portion of the stick stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.


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