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Scale Away

Acidic cleaner and descaler

Scale Away works against limescale deposits caused by hard water occur in water boilers, cooling coils, calorifiers, kettles etc… Also many food preparation surfaces and pieces of equipment can develop hard to remove scale. Commercial de-scalers are often based on hazardous hydrochloric acid which can irritate or burn skin, leave unpleasant smells and darken stainless steel.
Scale Away will also safely de-scale bathroom fittings such as shower heads and taps.


How do you use Scale Away?
Scale Away has been developed to safely remove limescale build up from surfaces. Scale Away contains an organic acid which is easily cleaned away leaving surfaces clean and safe to use. Scale Away is a concentrate which is diluted with two parts of water and if used with warm water speeds up the de-scaling process.

Key features and benefits of Scale Away
Safely removes limescale from most surfaces.
Safe on stainless steel.
Safe on plastics.
Economical to use.
No fragrance.


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