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Bio Ball (500g)

A super strength bacteria in a solid form that will ensure traps and tanks are kept free from the build ups of fats, oils and greases.

Bio Ball is a biological treatment for preventing organic blockages. Bio Ball has been specially formulated for use on high demand areas such as lifting stations, pumping stations and wet wells where a lack of oxygen and heavy use means other products are flushed away before they can act effectively. Delivered to water waste systems in a unique block form, Bio Ball enables the slow release of active bacteria for the effective dispersal of build-ups and blockages.


How does Bio Ball work?
Bio Ball is an environmentally friendly, biological formula comprised of bacillus spores which actively break down organic matter. The active bacteria are stable and work effectively in a wide range of environments.
Bio Ball formulation works in two stages. The microbes first break down the molecules in the organic matter using lipase. Then microbial pathways break down the new smaller, soluble molecules causing them to flow away easily. The microbial pathways are irreversible meaning Bio Ball’s action is permanent and the problem is not simply moved further down the system.



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