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D-Scale Rapid

An aggressive, high strength scale, lime deposit and uric crystal remover that is probably the most effective on the market today.

D-Scale Rapid is a complex blend of acids that does not incorporate harmful Hydrochloric acid. This makes D-Scale Rapid an effective and speedy answer to scale build up in toilets and urinals.


How does D-Scale Rapid work?
D-Scale Rapid is predominately a strong mix of Nitric and Phosphoric acid. This stable solution uses Nitric Acid’s reactivity to inorganic compounds alongside the highly effective reaction that phosphoric acid has on lime deposits to create a most effective and rapid descaler.

Key Features and Benefits of D-Scale Rapid
Effective – Left overnight, D-Scale Rapid will have a significant effect on any lime scale or uric crystal deposits.
Fantastic for the removal of stubborn uric crystals, quickly removing unpleasant smells that concentrate in areas used by the public; in buildings, schools, industrial premises and public houses.
Multi-purpose descaler.
Descales tiling.