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Cayman Rapid (Available in 3 sizes)

Cayman Rapid is a remarkable resin coated fibre glass pipe repair and maintenance system that will even cure and set underwater.

Available Sizes:
2 ins x 5ft
3ins x 9ft
4ins x 15ft

Cayman Rapid is water activated, needs no mixing, leaves no mess and sets rock hard in minutes. Cayman Rapid is chemically resistant and will withstand the attack of even the most aggressive products.

For repairs on 8 Bar plus, live leaks or for extending the life of a corroded pipe, we have a Technical Team that your Account Manager can put you in contact with.


Cayman Rapid can be used as a stand alone pipe repair system with the pressure OFF. It can also be used in conjunction with additional products as part of a system that can repair pipework under pressure or “LIVE” Cayman Rapid can also be used to rebuild and replace failing pipe walls to maintain the pipework integrity.

Where can Cayman rapid be used?
Cayman Rapid is the most versatile repair tool in the workshop. It will repair leaking carbon steel, stainless steel, pvc, fibreglass, copper, clay and concrete pipes making it a truly universal repair. It can be used to conduct repairs to T pieces, unions and build joints in dissimilar pipe sizes, as well as being used where a gap needs to be filled.

Cayman Rapid Applications
Cracked pipes
Corroded pipes
Irregular pipe fittings
Leaking Pipes
Force mains
Gravity lines
Underwater repair

Cayman Rapid Benefits
Ready to use
Heat resistant
No mixing and no mess
Sets rock hard

Cayman Rapid Full MSDS

Steel Stick Full MSDS


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