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Aqua-Klen (Available in a range of sizes)

Aqua-Klen is a superb polypropylene absorbent which removes oil quickly and safely, even when the oil is floating on top of a water source.

Available in the following  sizes:
46cm x 46cm x 1cm &  46cm x 46cm x 0.5cm
They may be squeezed out and re-used.
Booms: 3cm x 13cm
Booms are supplied with harness and clips for towing and can be joined together to form any length.
Rolls: 90cm x 40m x 0.5cm.
Can be cut to size to accommodate any situation.


What can Aqua-Klen be used for?

Use under and around machines, petrol and oil pumps. Use to sit drums on. To surround manhole covers to prevent the oil seeping into the drain system. To isolate areas on open water to prevent the oil from spreading further afield, then to absorb the oil to prevent contamination of water-ways and water supply. Or as a mat to sit drums and tools on.

Key features and benefits of Aqua-Klen?

Absorbs very quickly.
Will float on water indefinitely.
Lightweight and easy to use.
Absorbs oil and other non-aqueous solvents on contact.
Dustless and re-usable up to the point of saturation.
Wide temperature range.
Can be incinerated, but in itself will not sustain flame.
Indefinite shelf life.
Clean and white.
Very cost effective.



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