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Slipstream is new sprayable white grease that is a must for maintenance staff in a wide range of industries including, automotive and marine engineering.

Slipstream is a remarkable, aerosol applied, white grease for multiple applications.
Slipstream provides protection against: Wear, Corrosion, Water/steam and chemicals.
Due to its multi functional formula Slipstream can be used just about anywhere.


Key Features and Benefits of Slipstream?

Sprayable – goes where you spray it, and stays where you spray it.
Non staining.
White – easy to see where product has been applied.
Waterproof – will not wash off.
For use indoors and outdoors.
Protects against, salt, condensation, water, corrosive fumes and gases.
Great value for money.
Does not harden and oxidize.
Odourless, tasteless, safe to use almost anywhere.



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