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The complexity of modern electrical and electronic systems makes the need for insulation and protection of wires and components increasingly important.
Splices and connections must be strong and flexible as well as water-proof and resistant to the harsh environments in which they operate.
What is Dupron?
Universal, semi-rigid, radiation cross linked, dual wall, heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing. When heat is applied the inner adhesive melts to give a tight seal and the outer wall shrinks to encapsulate the contained components. This results in a tough waterproof, gas-proof cover.


Where can Dupron be used?

Quite simply – anywhere! Cut off the required amount push it over the area to be sealed, warm gently and watch Dupron shrink to form a complete seal, no matter what shape is required. Dupron will give a mechanically strong. moisture proof seal which is resistant to abrasion, vibration and corrosion in many applications. including:
Loose connections
Split insulation
Terminals subject to water ingress
Damage to leads
Weather proofing
Repairs to power leads
Identification difficulties
Damaged wiring
Protection of components and connections

Key Features and Benefits of Dupron?

Easy to use
Simple and fast Installation
Strong, permanent repair
Indefinite shelf life
Economic because of low wastage
No cure period before return to service
Fire retardant
Permanently flexible
Excellent mechanical strength
Resistant to a range of corrosive chemicals
Superb crack and split resistance



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