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Meta-Lube Plus

Meta-Lube Plus is a semi-synthetic lubricant with a wide range of applications. It will not corrode or attack sensitive surfaces.

The advanced formulation creeps right into the mechanism, including chains and cables, covering the whole surface area thus eliminating dry spots. Meta-Lube Plus gets there and stays there! It will cling tenaciously to any surface, even at high revolutions, and creep under moisture – drying it out. The synthetic base fluids then encapsulate the surface and protect against future ingress.


Where can you use Meta-Lube Plus?

Meta-Lube Plus can be used virtually anywhere. All static and moving mechanical parts, drive shafts, slides, pulleys, gears, windows, doors, hinges, press tools, chain drive equipment, escalators, conveyors, fork lifts, chain saws, hoppers, wires, winches, drag lines etc, on indoor and outdoor applications.

Meta-Lube Plus is a powerful, hard working NLGI Grade 2 lubricant, which helps reduce friction wear, corrosion, maintenance and down- time.

Key features and benefits of Meta-Lube Plus?

The formulation will operate over a very wide temperature range (-40°C to 210°C).

Meta-Lube Plus aerosol has an 80% product fill which makes it a very cost effective lubricant.

Meta-Lube Plus is totally non aggressive and can be used on nearly all surfaces and substrates.



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