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Machine Lube

Suitable for incidental food contact.

Machine Lube is a synthetic lubricant which comprises of PTFE for friction reduction, and the addition of the latest technological additives, to produce a high performance and high temperature lubricant.

Machine Lube is InS H1 registered so suitable for incidental food contact in industries classed as “environmentally clean”, such as catering and pharmaceutical.


Areas of Use
Machine Lube has excellent resistance to water and steam, which makes it ideal for applications where frequent wash down of plant is essential.
Machine Lube is ideal for lubrication of bearings, slides and all delicate mechanisms used in the food manufacturing & processing industry.
Particularly recommended for use in bakery mixing machines, milk and soft drink bottling plants, and food canning plants.

Main Features
Food grade InS H1 approved formulation is suitable for areas where incidental contact with food may occur.
Low odour.
Maximum operating temperature 150°C.
Excellent resistance to water, steam, acids & alkalis.
Suitable for use in plain and anti-friction bearings.
Exceptional high load ability.
Excellent adhesion.
Will lubricate most food factory applications that require grease.
High temperature performance extends component life and reduces need to re-lubricate.


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