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Ferro-Guard eradicates metal corrosion in one coat!

A one coat system for protecting, and maintaining ferrous metal surfaces, Ferro-Guard’s unique formulation stabilises and halts rust and corrosion while priming surfaces to withstand the elements, meaning rust cannot reform. The innovative ‘3-in-1’ combination of vinyl acrylic, zinc phosphate and tannic acid stabilises, primes and protects ferrous surfaces.


How does Ferro-Guard work?

The revolutionary formulation of Ferro-Guard converts rust into a stable black iron compound which cannot rust any further.

Zinc phosphate inhibits the surface and acts as a primer and the vinyl acrylic resin forms an inert barrier. The finished Ferro-Guard coated surface is impervious to water and oxygen, which means no more rust.

Key Features and Benefits of Ferro-Guard?

One coat system makes Ferro-Guard highly cost effective.
3-in-1 action stabilises, primes and protects metal surfaces.
Use on all ferrous surfaces.
Can be used over existing paint to seal and prime new steel.
Apply using, brush, roller, spray or dip.
Minimum preparation needed.
Can be applied to a damp surface.
High performing against mechanical damage.
Resists fungus and mould growth.



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