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Molecule 13

Fast, effective rust remover for nuts, bolts and fixings.

Normal release agents are often unable to penetrate badly rusted or seized nuts and bolts or fittings. The size of the molecules in the liquid can be too large to penetrate the minute pores in the rust or the minute spaces between tightly assembled layers of metal.

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How does Molecule 13 work?

Molecule13 is formulated from special liquids that have small molecular size which are able to penetrate the pores in the rust and minute spaces between the layers, to provide tenacious lubrication. This enables rapid dismantling to take place.

Key Features and Benefits of Molecule 13?

Small molecular size enables Molecule 13 to rapidly penetrate and loosen rust.

The molecules are polar and act like small magnets to metallic surfaces. They form a microscopic layer over surfaces thus providing exceptional lubrication.

Molecule 13 contains no petroleum distillates or mineral oils and is therefore non-carcinogenic.


1 review for Molecule 13

  1. Anon

    For freeing nuts and bolts where no other product has achieved.

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