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Vehicle Detergent Wash

A powerful vehicle cleaner that can be used with pressure washes to break down dirt, oil and traffic film quickly.

Vehicle Detergent Wash is a powerful blend of sequestrants and detergents to give rapid cleaning of all types of vehicles including buses, HGV’s, vans and cars.


How does Vehicle Detergent Wash work?
Vehicle Detergent Wash can be used through automatic equipment, pressure washers as well as for hand washing vehicles. The formulation is suitable for hot or cold washing.  However, for very oily or greasy surfaces, hot water use is recommended. Vehicle Detergent Wash has been developed to work with hard or soft water. When used through pressure washers, it will not scale up the heater tubes.

Product Information

Always read instructions carefully before use.
Important – When using to clean metallic finishers, pre-set in an unobtrusive place in case they are alkali sensitive.
Do not allow product to dry on glass, always rinse immediately with water, otherwise staining may occur.
This product can remove wax polish from vehicle surfaces and may need to be re-applied after cleaning.

Key features and benefits of Vehicle Detergent Wash?
Concentrated for use at up to 500:1
Works with hard or soft water
Hot or cold use
Suspends and removes dirt and road film