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Concentrated Bleach Tablets

1000 litres of bleach in each 4 inch tub

If you need to whiten, disinfect, use or store bleach…put 4000 litres on the shelf. Concentrated bleach tablets are just bleach, with the water taken out. Concentrated to the extent that 1 tablet will make 5 litres of bleach, at 200 parts per million (ppm). Storage is safer and easier as the tablets are as small as a jacket button! 1000 litres of bleach can be stored in a smaller box that one you would buy shoes in, and the bleach it makes would fill many bath tubs.


What can Concentrated Bleach Tablets be used on?
Once dissolved, Concentrated Bleach Tablets can be used for many jobs.
Cleaning mould and mildew from tile grouting.
Use on butcher’s blocks, cutting boards and worktops.
Add a spoonful of bleach whilst washing glassware to bring added sparkle and shine.
Use on white ceramic and plastic sinks and sanitary ware.
Disinfect bin areas cheaply.
Clean plastic lawn furniture and sanitise gardening equipment.
Increase the longevity of cut flowers by adding ¼ of teaspoon of bleach per litre in a vase.

Key features and benefits of Concentrated Bleach Tablets
Saves time
Saves money
Saves storage space
Improves safety
Improves the working environment