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Zonk (available in 2 sizes)

Heavy duty cleaner and descaler for sanitary ware and drains

Available sizes:
1 litre bottle
5 litre drum

Zonk is the perfect combination between toilet cleaner and descaler. Pleasantly perfumed, Zonk’s acidic formulation effectively cleans, descales, deodorises, reodorises and sanitises in one swift motion.
Zonk rapidly removes algal growths and uric and phosphate deposits that form unsightly accumulations in and around toilets and other sanitary fittings.

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How does Zonk work?
Zonk’s acidic formulation quickly breaks down limescale deposits and uric crystals to ensure that drains are kept clean and its pleasant perfume reodorises the area, ensuring that the area is odour free.

Key Features and Benefits of Zonk.
Cleans, descales, deodorises, reodorises and sanitises in one motion.
Rapidly removes algal growth, uric acid and phosphate deposits.
Can be used concentrated or diluted and still maintain performance.
Use regularly to maintain scale free drainage systems and sanitary ware.
Pleasant scent.
Perfect for cleaning and sanitising urinals, toilets, sinks, wash basins, showers, toilet walls, floors, swimming pool surrounds, saunas etc.


1 review for Zonk (available in 2 sizes)

  1. Anon

    A popular product with staff and contractors for heavy duty cleaning throughout the plant.

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