Zonk (available in 2 sizes)

Heavy duty descaler for drains – use on drains, traps and waste lines.

Available sizes:
1 litre bottle
5 litre drum

Zonk is a fast acting solution which removes heavy duty scaling and uric crystals. Zonk has a fresh apple scent to overcome problems with odour around urinals.

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How does Zonk work?
Zonk’s strong acidic base quickly breaks down limescale deposits and uric crystals anywhere to ensure drain runs are kept clean.

Key Features and Benefits of Zonk.
Use Zonk as a rapid de-scaler for drains & traps.
Removes uric crystals.
Pleasant apple scent.
Highly concentrated and can be diluted with water up to 10 parts.
Use regularly to maintain scale free drainage systems and traps.


1 review for Zonk (available in 2 sizes)

  1. Anon

    A popular product with staff and contractors for heavy duty cleaning throughout the plant.

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