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Enzyme Plus

A super strength bacteria in liquid form that will ensure that drains and traps are kept free from the buildup of fats, oils and grease.

Enzyme Plus is a specialised super strength, concentrated biological treatment for degrading grease in waste water systems. The product contains natural bacterial strains which digest fats, oils and greases and other organic matter through their enzymatic metabolism.


How does Enzyme Plus work?
Enzyme Plus breaks down fats, oils and greases in two phases. Firstly, they are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids using microbial lipase. Secondly Enzyme Plus breaks down the free fatty acids into smaller, soluble molecules using specialist microbial pathways. This is an irreversible process so fats cannot build up further down the pipe.

Key Features and Benefits of Enzyme Plus
Digests fats, oils and greases.
Improves flow in drain lines.
Effectively reduces odours.
Digests solids completely.
Reduces biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels, reducing sewage costs.
Uses a safe stable blend of Bacillus spores.
Withstands a wide range of pH and temperatures.
Reduces blockages.
Negates the need for grease trap pumping when used regularly.


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Weight 20 kg