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Rust Byte

Rust Byte is a deep white penetrant for the quick release of seized and corroded parts

Rust-Byte is a pure synthetic lubricant. Once applied it stays there leaving plant and equipment in a totally reusable condition. There is hardly any ‘product evaporation’. Rust-Byte is safe to use. It is nonconductive, has no mineral oil content.


Rust Byte penetrates quickly and effectively speeding through layers of grease, rust, lead deposits and sludge. The penetration continues until the lubricant has reached the heart of the problem. Rust Byte works quickly reducing labour costs.

Areas of Use

Here are some of the following industries that best highlight Rust Bytes key uses:
Turbines, regulators. heat exchangers, conveyor belts, bolts, etc
Generators, anchor winches, fittings, bilge pump assemblies, winches, exhaust heads, propeller removal, etc.
Exhaust pipes, bolts, nuts, clutch housings, manifold gaskets, battery terminals, spark plugs, speedometer cables, cables, hose connections, clutch assemblies, etc
Track adjustments, bucket elevators, pumps, compressors, pipe fittings, etc
Cap screws, Flange bolts, conveyors, drill holes, boiler fittings, boiler face plates, manhole covers, pipe threads, shut off valves, etc
Snap couplings, pivot pins, lift controls, guide pins, end cap bolts, nozzle threads, running gears, etc



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