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Steel Stick

A multi-purpose, steel reinforced, epoxy repair putty

Steel Stick is a strong, easy to use steel reinforced epoxy putty, for use in leak repair and pipe integrity. When used in conjunction with other products from our range, Steel Stick will repair leaking pipework even under pressure.


How does Steel Stick work?

By kneading the putty to a malleable consistency, the two parts instigate a chemically inert cure within 4 minutes, even in damp conditions. Once cured Steel Stick can then be drilled, filed, sanded or over-painted to give the perfect finish.

Key Features and Benefits of Steel Stick?

Unlike liquid epoxies, Steel Stick will not drip or sag and can be applied to wet surfaces. NSF and BS6920 approved for use with potable water and when fully cured produces a durable, resilient bond resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, esters, halocarbons, aqueous salt solutions and dilute acids and bases. Useable on most surfaces

Steel Stick Applications:
Repairs leaking pipes
Seals leaks in oil and water tanks
Plugs holes and seals
Fills corrosion voids
Restores pipe geometry
Will not drip or sag
Can be applied on wet surfaces
Withstands elevated temperatures



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