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An advanced penetrating polymer wood repair and filling solution for professional use

Framesaver is a pre-coloured, 2 part, high strength, polyester wood filler. It provides a strong, high quality repair which penetrates deeply into rotten or damaged wood. Framesaver is perfect for wood imperfections, particularly corner work and deep holes up to 50mm such as wood knots.


How does Framesaver Work?

Framesaver is a 2 part product, that when mixed, will cure to form a polymer wood repair. Framesaver builds the wooden surface up to its original level which can then be trimmed, sanded, stained and painted to match the original wood flawlessly.

Key Features and Benefits of Framesaver?
Durable repair – forms a strong and durable bond.
Economical to use and re-use, no waste.
Weatherproof – suitable for exterior or interior use.
Paintable and stainable, just like wood.
Repairs and reinforces window frames, furniture, doors, bannisters and more.
Easy to sand down to perfection.
Professional grade.

Framesaver Filler MSDS (Full)

Framesaver Hardener MSDS (Full)


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