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A multi-purpose, flexible waterproofing and sealant solution for all types of surfaces.

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TT005 is a high performance, easily applied elastomeric sealant that is perfect for waterproofing or bonding critical movement gaps between nearly all roofing and construction materials. It can be used to bond or repair guttering, bedding roof fixtures, movement or expansion joints and even manhole perimeter joints.


How does TT005 Work?

TT005 is a unique formulation that offers all the advantages of both bitumen and natural rubber. It will seal nearly any gap between brickwork, concrete, metals, plastics, and glass. It has an amazing 700% elasticity at 24oC, with a recovery of 96%.  It performs well in temperatures between -40oC and a blistering 80oC, and offers exceptional adhesive strength.
Key Features and Benefits of TT005?
Fast and easy gun application
Excellent adhesion to almost any surface
Non slumping, yet highly elastic – perfect for bonds subject to movement
Can be applied at temperatures between -5oC and 50oC, and works well between -30oC and 80oC
Resistant to alkalis and acids
Offers long term durability




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