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Superflex Smooth

A great looking and long lasting waterproofing and crack repair solution for any kind of roofing

Superflex Smooth is an attractive and highly durable waterproofing and repair compound that can be expected to provide leak-proof roof repairs that last ten years. It bonds to nearly any roofing material, and is available in three colours to match your existing material. Better still, it can be quickly and easily applied even in the wet.


How does Superflex Smooth Work?
Superflex Smooth is a high performance acrylic polymer that forms a watertight, flexible barrier over any kind of roof, including asphalt, felt, concrete and asbestos. It can even be used to repair leaking skylights and other fixtures as it bonds equally well to lead, iron and other metals, glass and glazing bars, even gutters and downspouts.

Key Features and Benefits of Superflex Smooth?
Fast and easy to use – no mixing and no priming required
Repairs last for up to ten years
Bonds to any common construction and roofing materials
Can be applied with a brush, trowel or roller
Available in three colours:
Black and slate colours blend in with common roofing types and encourage snow and ice to melt quickly
White finish reflects solar heat, lowering your summer energy bills
Excellent shelf life, even after opening the tin



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