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Lava Flow

Fixes costly flat roof leaks, even if you can’t find them.

The no fuss way to stop leaks in flat roofs. Lava Flow is a specifically formulated natural, non-toxic, micro porous granular product, that will seal gaps and cracks in flat roofs.


How does Lava-Flow Work?
When exposed to wet conditions, either through rain or with a hose, each grain of Lava Flow will slowly expand up to 15 times its original size, giving it the capability to seal gaps of various shapes and sizes. Lava Flow grains flow freely with water, which means it will find and block cracks, gaps, etc that you may not have noticed, preventing further damage and expense.

Key Features and Benefits of Lava-Flow?
Light and easy to scatter over any size roof.
Fixes costly leaks in minutes.
Flows freely in water to locate and stop leaks on flat roofs.
Ideal for use in an emergency.
Use in wet weather and poor external conditions.
No special requirement or training required for application.
Natural, non-toxic formulation.



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