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Road Saver

Roadsaver is a major advance in surface repair technology.

Roadsaver is a bitumen-resin blend which has a high PSV* interlocking aggregate. This provides an immediate and permanent repair even when applied in damp or wet conditions, and does not require any heating or mixing. Roadsaver will also withstand extremes of temperature fluctuation. Because Roadsaver is so quick and easy to use, it means you have minimal disruption to productivity and/or access whilst affecting the repair.


How does Roadsaver work?
Simply sweep the area to be repaired of dust or loose debris. Apply the Roadsaver into the hole directly from the bucket, then tamp down to an even finish. That’s it! The area can immediately be used for foot or vehicular traffic.

Key Features and Benefits of Roadsaver?
Permanent, tough wearing repairs to footways and roads.
Instant results – no need for disruptions and loss of productivity.
No mixing or heating required – 3 simple steps to repair.
No special equipment required.
Use even in damp and wet conditions.
Use almost anywhere including, roads, footpaths, railway platforms, ramps, car parks, playgrounds, runways and many more.
Apply to concrete, tarmac or asphalt.


MSDS Sheet: Roadsaver Fine


MSDS Sheet: Roadsaver Coarse



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