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A high performance multi-purpose waterproof membrane coating for exterior and interior use

Available colours:

Micro-Guard is a highly durable, micro-porous wall coating that protects substrates from mould, bacteria and fungus.  Micro-Guard is easily maintained and cleaned making it an essential
part of any maintenance routine.


Use Micro-Guard on both exterior and interior walls, it won’t peel and is easy to clean making it ideal for food preparation areas.  Micro-Guard is highly durable for exterior use, allowing buildings to breathe while still withstanding high pressure washing systems and resisting impacts.

How does Micro-Guard work?

Micro-Guard’s advanced formulation is a combination of high-quality Titanium Dioxides, Iron Oxides and mica fillers enhanced with acrylic resin.Micro-Guard is non-chalking, non-peeling and thanks to its innovative formulation it maintains superior opacity and colour retention. Unlike conventional wall coatings the molecular structure of Micro-Guard allows substrates to breathe while it protects from mould and fungus.

Key Features and Benefits of Micro-Guard?
Unbeatable protection for interior and exterior walls.
High-opacity, decorative coating in a range of colours
Highly-durable while allowing buildings to breathe.
Won’t chalk, won’t peel and is simple to clean.
Suitable for use in food preparation areas.
Will cover patched rendering and unsightly renovations.
Resists impacts from machinery and high pressure washing systems.
Protects walls from fungus, mould and bacteria.



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