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Up-Mark-It Outline (available in a range of colours)

Up-Mark-It is a superior line marker with outstanding resistance to abrasion and chemical solvents.

Up-Mark-It Outline is a blend of high-quality acrylic polymer and lead-free pigments in a rapid evaporation solvent blend. Use Up-Mark-It Outline for a wide range of purposes and on a wide variety of surfaces, including grass, Astro-turf, tarmac and concrete.
Up-Mark-It Outline is ideal for marking pitches for football, rugby and hockey as well as creating car parking spaces and important markings for airports, factories and schools.


Up-Mark-It Outline combines lead free pigments and high quality acrylic polymers with Xylene-free solvent for a simple to use rapid drying line marking system.

Xylene free solvent is considered the safest solvent based system and Up-Mark-It Outline is suitable for use with conventional line making machines.

Key Features and Benefits of Up-Mark-It Outline?
Easy to apply – either by hand or using a line making machine.
Uses Xylene-free solvent.
Lead–free pigments.
Superior durability.
Fast drying.
No skill level or special equipment required for application.
Use on a wide range of materials including: grass, Astro-turf, tarmac, timber, concrete and more…
Ideal for use in schools, factories, leisure centres, airports, roadways,  footpaths, sports pitches.



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