Liquid Granite

Indispensable, fast setting, multi-purpose, emergency repair material.

Liquid Granite is an amazing floor repair material that sets in minutes and adheres to a wide range of building materials including concrete, metal and asphalt.


What is Liquid Granite?
Liquid Granite is a self-contained, pre-mixed cement, blended with specially selected aggregates. Its handled bucket means that it can be carried to the site of repair with ease and only needs to be mixed with water to produce a firm mortar.
Liquid Granite can repair a range of problems from holes and cracks in the floor to crumbling walls and ceilings, plus loose bolts and posts. Mix to a firm consistency to repair overhead or vertical surfaces. Pour a more fluid mixture into horizontal areas. Trowel to finish.

Key Features and Benefits of Liquid Granite?
Sets as a permanent repair in minutes.
Highly durable – high levels of tensile strength.
Chloride free – can be safely used with cast iron and steel units.
Easy to use – just add water, mix thoroughly and apply.
Works in damp and wet conditions.
Use on concrete, brickwork, stone and asphalt.
Repair walls, floors, columns, loose posts and bolt fixings.
Works down to temperatures of -20°C.
Mortar can be placed in sections of 8mm to 50mm in thickness and greater thickness can be built up in layers.
Pour or trowel onto area for repair.



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