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Multi Purpose Solvent

Multi Purpose Solvent for use with any solvent based products in the Tero-Tech range

A powerful and versatile organic solvent blend designed to dilute any of Tero-Tech’s solvent based coatings, which will create a primer coat that provides a good key to surfaces.
Multi Purpose Solvent should be used to clean metal and timber surfaces prior to treatment of any of our coatings or repair materials.
When coatings and adhesives are applied, residue can build up on application equipment.
Multi Purpose Solvent easily cleans uncured or partially cured residue and adhesives from equipment and surfaces.
Multi Purpose Solvent can also be used as a smoothing solvent to float an excellent finish to some floor coverings.


How does Multi Purpose Solvent work?

Multi Purpose Solvent comes in an easy to carry 1 litre tin for easy application. Simply add the contents to any 10 litre keg of Tero Tech’s solvent based range to create a primer coat that will give a good key onto any substrate, or dilute the coating by 10%. When cleaning residue coatings from equipment and surfaces use a clean lint free cloth. We recommend Red Rag’s Big Red Wipes.

Key Features and Benefits of Multi Purpose Solvent?
Dilutes any solvent based product creating a primer.
Removes uncured adhesives and coatings from application equipment.
Easy to apply.
Cleans accidental spillage.
Low flammability.
Cleans brushes and rollers.
Cleans existing paintwork and aides intercoat adhesion.
Cleans metalwork and timber prior to coating.




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