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Simple Stik (available in 3 sizes)

A new technology, adhesive by the metre

Available sizes:

Simple Stik is a high quality solventless, synthetic, pressure sensitive adhesive on a roll. It gives aggressive adhesion to a wide range of materials in seconds and is resistant to water, mineral oils and dilute acids and alkalis.


Conventional adhesives are messy, smelly and uneconomical in use. They require accurate mixing, complicated measuring out and special application equipment, all of which are expensive and wasteful. The increasing impact of health and safety regulations is making the use of solvent-based adhesives almost impossible but the requirement for adhesion to a wide range of materials still exists.

All that is required is that Simple Stik is placed on the surfaces to be bonded and hand pressure is usually sufficient to obtain a powerful adhesion, up to 10kg/cm2.

Key features and benefits of Simple Stik?
Truly universal adhesive bonds to all surfaces.
No complicated mixing – No wastage.
Instant bonding.
Reduces lost production and downtime.
No priming, easy to use.
Bonds in virtually all situations.
Economic -100% usage.
Only need to stock one adhesive.




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