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Meta Slip Pro V

High temperature anti – seize lubricant.

MSPV is a blend of organo-metallic compounds, specially refined to give long term protection to all metal surfaces. MSPV contains very high levels of copper, which maintain static lubrication at temperatures as high as 800°C and as low as -20°C.

Corrosion costs industry dearly every year. Nuts and bolts seize, gaskets stick on, fittings bind and components become difficult to release and remove. Gases, liquids and vapour all work their way in between mating surfaces causing corrosion, seizure and premature failure. There is an easy to use solution for these problems; Meta Slip Pro V.


How does Meta Slip Pro V work?

MSPV will give an effective seal against water, chemical vapour and gases and will protect against chemical attack and salt water spray.
It remains fluid at high temperatures and does not harden, bake or evaporate. MSPV, when applied to nuts and bolts, will prevent seizure, fretting and fusion.
When applied to gaskets, MSPV helps to create a gas tight seal which, on disassembly, allows for easier separation of mating surfaces, even after subjection to high temperatures for
extensive periods.
MSPV does not contain any graphite or white lead.

Key Features and Benefits of Meta Slip Pro V?

Meta Slip Pro-V is a copper based, high temperature lubricant.

Can be used up to 800°C and is suitable for use on all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous.

MSPV has been specially developed to enable the product to be evenly sprayed out over threads, pipes and any surface requiring high temperature lubrication and/or protection against corrosion.



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