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Grease Gun in a Can

The versatile penetrant and lubricant.

This unique product initially sprays a thin penetrating liquid that converts to a grease film and coating within minutes due to product reaction with air.
The grease film is impervious to salt and moisture and is stable at temperatures up to 200°C. It will lubricate and prevent rust on any metallic surface. The grease has a tenacious bond to metal and will not rub or wear off as do other penetrating oils or silicone lubricants.

Recommended for use on: Cars, Aircraft, Industrial Machinery, Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery, Boats.


Key Features and Benefits of Grease Gun in a Can?

Penetrating liquid forms a tack free grease.
Protective coating in both interior and exterior jobs.
Convenient application.
Has excellent pressure resistance.
Excellent resistance to salt water.
Heat resistance to 200°C.
Excellent release agent.
Bonds well to metal surfaces and does not wear off.
Eliminates down time due to rust and corrosion.



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