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COVER UP Prevents hazardous spillages from entering drains and contaminating water courses.

The one square metre Neoprene Drain Covers can be rapidly deployed to cover drains adjacent to an accidental hazardous chemical/oil spill.


Areas of Use
Any drains near to chemical/oil storage tanks or drums or in areas where spillages are likely to occur.

Main Benefits
Strong, durable and reusable.
Rapid drain protection.
Avoids costly fines for contamination of rivers, water courses and drains.
Cost effective – can be reused many times.

COVER UP Drain Covers are resistant to lubricating oils, acids, alkalis and hydraulic fluid.
They have abrasion resistance, good tear strength and good impact resistance.

Directions for use
Place a supply of COVER UP Neoprene Drain Covers close to drains in areas at risk of hazardous spillages. Deploy rapidly when required. Afterwards, clean the covers used ready for reuse.

Neoprene Drain Cover
Lightweight reusable neoprene drain cover. It is recommended that drain cover mats are stored in drain mat storage bags and are situated as near to the drain as possible.
Size: 1mtr x 1mtr
Weight: 3kg

Neoprene Drain Cover With Storage Tube
Sturdy protective tube for storage of 1 neoprene drain mat, complete with end caps.
Size: 1mtr
Weight: 3.50kg



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