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Grab Bags

A grab and go, easy to carry first response system that can save the day.

A Grab Bag has everything that would be used to contain a spill before it becomes a real problem.
Being so transportable a Grab Bag will deal with minor spills easily without the deployment of bulkier methods.
Containing the PPE required to keep operatives safe through deployment and disposal it is a valuable tool in any emergency contingency plan.

Each Grab Bag contains:
10 x 1cm absorbent squares
2 x 1 meter absorbent booms
1 x Tub of putty
1 x PPE kit containing disposable suit, gauntlets, goggles and face mask.
1 x Disposable bag & bag tie.


How does the Grab Bag work?
Each of the 3 varieties of Grab Bag work slightly differently, although the principles remain the same.
Multi Purpose, (Grey) absorbs any liquid, though will break down when used on aggressive chemicals, acids or alkalis.
Oil, (White) adsorbs (meaning adheres particles to) only oil and floats allowing the easy removal of oil from water.
Chemical (Yellow) absorbs aggressive acids and alkalis for safe disposal.

Use Metalyte’s Absorbent/Adsorbent Selector Guide to decide which is the best Grab Bag for your needs. In all the kits the tub of putty is used to dyke areas or block drainholes to stop the escape of any spillage into areas such as watercourses.

Key features and benefits of a Grab Bag?
Easy to pick up and deploy.
Contains everything required for a spillage.
Includes PPE.
Ideal first response tool.
Covers all spillage circumstances.
Deals completely with small spills without fuss.



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