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Aqualube Water Displacer & Lubricant

Aqua Lube is a synthetic demoisturiser designed to instantly repel water away from surfaces, sealing them against future water ingress.

Aqua Lube is a synthetic liquid that lubricates and removes moisture in all types of mechanical and electrical equipment. It instantly resolves issues with flooding and dampness as well as improving electrical efficiency.
Aqua Lube stops corrosion and contains no mineral oil which means it will not damage any insulation materials.
Aqua Lube penetrates and leaves the surface protected against corrosion with a synthetic flexible membrane which is excellent for protecting wire cables.


Aqua Lube totally penetrates lubricates and displaces moisture due to its extraordinarily low surface tension.
Aqua Lube will get right inside all surfaces without dis-assembly and removes moisture, displacing it from the surface, so that it evaporates harmlessly away.
Aqua Lube will even work on flooded equipment.

Key Features and Benefits of Aqua Lube?
Helps prevent electrical failures.
Improves electrical performance.
Will not harm rubber, ceramics, enamels, insulation materials or most modern engineering polymers and plastics.
Will not dry out or become brittle and hard.
Protects against salt, air, condensation, water, corrosive fumes and gases.
Contains no mineral oils.
Ease of application as well as instant results.




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