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A major advance in absorbent technology. A totally unique, revolutionary system for absorbing up to 30 times its own weight.

Meta-sorb comprises a specially formulated clear, white, non-woven casing that is chemically tested to draw in liquid rapidly. Inside is a secret combination of specially manufactured cellulose with a type of gelling compound creating the amazing ability to retain liquid almost permanently.


Where can Meta-sorb be used?

Being so versatile, it is the perfect solution for absorbing almost any liquid spillage or leak.
From soaking up industrial oils in big factories to body fluids in hospitals, or in an emergency to give protection from dangerous chemical spillages to absorbing residue water from a defrosting freezer.
In fact there are simply too many practical, safety and environmental applications to mention.

Key Features and Benefits of Meta-sorb?

Meta-sorb was specially developed to assist all types of industries and conform to the new C.O.S.H.H. regulations.
Absorbs up to 30 times its own weight.
Dustless – which means no damage to sensitive machinery.
Non-selective – absorbs just about every liquid.
Turns liquids into solids and therefore much easier to incinerate.
Retains what it absorbs and doesn’t leak like a sponge.
Very easy to handle -fits under tanks, around leaky drains, at machine bases, in fact it moulds to any shape.
Extremely lightweight- Four 14 oz,
Meta-sorb socks will pick up the same weight of liquid as 260 lbs of clay.



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