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A convenient, safe and hygienic way to remove bodily fluids.

Contact with bodily fluids can be highly dangerous due to the risk of communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis.

Biozorb is a fast-acting gelling agent and disinfectant that provides a safe way to remove and dispose of bodily fluids. Biozorb provides a safe and effective way to dispose of bodily fluids as well as important peace of mind for public and employees.

Biozorb is essential for areas open to the public or where risk of contact with bodily fluids is high.


Biozorb contains a gelling agent which works immediately on fluids to encase and solidify enabling them to be swept
away safely. This gelling process happens rapidly and allows cleaning to take place immediately effectively lowering the risk from potentially hazardous bodily fluids.

Biozorb also contains a strong disinfectant for a further level of protection while disposal takes place.

Protects against the risk of contact with potentially hazardous bodily fluids.

Rapidly acts to solidify fluids enabling them to be removed safely.

Contains strong disinfectant to ensure the removal of hazardous bacteria.

Works on all bodily fluids including blood, urine, mucous and saliva.

Peace of mind for those tasked with the disposal of bodily fluids.

Ideal for use in commercial and institutional premises such as shopping centres, stadiums, pubs, public transport and police stations.

Directions for use
It is important to prevent physical contact with body fluids in a public place. Therefore, quickly create a barrier to accidental contact and then cover the body fluid with the Biozorb powder and wait for the fluid to solidify. Then carefully sweep up the solidified waste for suitable disposal.