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Spill Station

A spill response station that is a must for workshops and production areas.

A Metalyte Engineering Spill Station contains a range of Polypropylene absorbents that will absorb most spills quickly and effectively.

The station is made from a strong metal framework structured by the central vertical bars. The design ensures that it is able to put up with the rigors of every day working in production, maintenance and workshop facilities. The 50 meter roll and a choice of boxes of squares, cushions or socks on the lower  shelves gives operatives a choice of how they will deal with any situation dependent on the circumstances. Having the absorbents so accessible and in close proximity to the place where they will be used means that spillages can be dealt with before they become a hazard or get into the water courses.


Key Features and Benefits of a Spill Station
Ease of use.
Stops spillages reaching the water courses.
The Spill Station itself is strong and robust.
Choice of ways to deal with a spill.
Can be placed where absorbents are needed the most.
Effective on most spills including oils, oil based liquids and coolants.
Quick wicking for fast absorption.
Pads and Rolls are heavy weight
350GSM which allows them to absorb more.


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