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Dymonite (available in 2 sizes)

Heavy duty hard surface cleaner and degreaser

Available sizes:
1 litre bottle
5 litre drum

Dymonite is a highly concentrated, super powerful, biodegradable cleaner that can be used on virtually any hard surface. Dymonite is highly effective even when diluted up to 50:1. The non-toxic formulation has an indefinite shelf life which makes this product extremely economical.


How does Dymonite work?
Dymonite Concentrate contains alkalis and detergents which break down contaminants whilst high quality emulsifiers suspend grease and dirt allowing them to be washed away. The powerful formulation includes amphoterics which aid the removal of grime and speed up the cleaning process.

Key features and benefits of Dymonite
Powerful even at a high level of dilution.
Water based and non-flammable.
Fully biodegradable.
Indefinite shelf life.
Contains additives allowing safe use on metal surfaces.
Huge range of applications.
Removes heavy duty grease and dirt.
Ideal for degreasing machinery.
Completely safe to use on virtually all hard surfaces.
Use Dymonite Concentrate to remove: nicotine residue, sap deposits on blades, saws and planers, carbon deposits from metal surfaces.
Virtually no odour.